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Hello, I'm Xan Márquez Caneda. I'm a freelance sound recordist based in London.

You can trust me to always capture excellent sound for your project, for which I have the right experience and the right tools. I am very enthusiastic about location sound while at the same time keeping a lighthearted attitude towards work that means I am the sort of person you want around in a shoot. I'm always very happy to travel abroad for a job. I have a full driving licence and apart from Spanish I am also fluent in Portuguese and have been claiming to speak French for so long that it is probably true by now.


I am originally from the Coast of Death in Spain, where I have a base as well as in Madrid. Like many other location sound folks, I have a background in live music, so I know intense personal pain. I have been working as a sound recordist and a production sound mixer in UK for over 10 years on a wide range of projects (documentaries, drama, TV, music and corporate/commercial), and in this time I've had to solve problems in all kinds of situations, from challenging social docs in Congo to the most lavish fashion shoots. This experience is what now makes it possible for me to deliver excellent sound for any project: I can tell you what will work and what will not, what will be an issue in the edit and what can be done in post-production.
I find myself equally at ease in big productions with huge budgets and as part of a tiny crew with limited resources, always keeping a positive attitude and getting the best results regardless of the scale of the project. It doesn't matter if we're recording interviews in a studio or working long hours under the sun in the desert, you can count on me to deliver and to remain upbeat and approachable. Whether it is a run-and-gun style documentary or a large scale multicamera shoot, I can provide flexible and compact solutions tailored for your project and the skills to get you the best possible sound. Get in touch with details of what you're doing and I can send you a quote.

Kit list

Kit List

Selected credits

Netflix Docuseries
Feature documentary
Feature documentary
Feature documentary
Feature film
Feature documentary
Feature documentary
Feature documentary
Feature film

Kit List

All my kit is of the best quality and designed for professional use. I know it inside out, so when you hire me and my equipment you can be reassured that it will all be in the best condition, and even if something breaks or goes down on location, I can quickly identify the problem and fix it.

  • Mixers/recorders:

  • Radio mic systems, lavaliers and IFB's:

    • Wisycom Wireless Systems radio mics. These radio mic systems are great quality. Their wide radio frequency band allows me to be ready to work internationally with them in a vast group of frequencies, on top of our legal domestic GB channel 38.

    • Wisycom MTP60 recording radio mic transmitters.

    • Tentacle Track-E pocket audio recorders.

    • Sanken Cos-11 lavalier mics with plenty of accesories.

    • 12 x IEM packs. So you can hear what I hear and feel how I feel.

  • Boom mics:

    • Sennheiser MKH60​

    • Sennheiser MKH50

    • Sennheiser 8060

    • DPA 4097 micro shotgun mics for car rigs or musical instruments.

    • Sanken CUB 01 boundary mics.

    • Ambien Emesser for MS stereo recording.

    • All mics with a selection of suitable mounts and windshields, 

  • Timecode system:

    • Tentacle TC system. With three timecode boxes and cables for all types of camera (RED, Arri, Blackmagic, Sony, Cannon, etc. ), this system ensures that all cameras and sound are completely in sync. It can save you hours of post-production and many bitter tears from the editor.​

  • Also a selection of booms, cables, antennas, batteries, stands and all the necessary accessories to get the job done.

I hold a full PMSE-Ofcom license to use channel 38 on my wireless systems in UK.

If your project needs some extra or specialist equipment, I have a good relationship with all the well-known hire houses in the London area and can easily get hold of any extra kit needed.

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